Connected TV/tablet solution for the healthcare market

Solution IPTV

MXTV Healthcare is a solution for connected TVs and tablets, tailored to the healthcare sector.

Bring entertainment to your patients, manage TV rights, our IPTV solution is designed to meet every project's size and service objectives.

  • on premise
  • cloud

Multi architectures, Multi sites

Our solution can be hosted on your network (On premise) or rented in the cloud (Saas).

MXTV Healthcare is a multi-premises solution, suitable for all types of establishments: public and private hospitals, clinics, Ehpad, retirement homes, senior residences...

  • wifi
  • coaxial
  • ethernet


MXTV Healthcare is designed for :

  • IP wired Ethernet network
  • Hybrid network (Wifi and coaxial)
  • Coaxial network

Content management

Multimedia solution for your patients' comfort.
MX TV is a middleware tailored to your patients' profiles and your day-to-day management, via a simple, user-friendly, high-performance interface.

  • internet
  • television
  • phone

Triple play

Solution combining TV, Internet and telephony management (entertainment and information middleware with integrated PMS).

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